They’ve made empires and crashed them.

Herbs and spices are an integral part of our life whether for culinary or medical purposes.

The increasing demand from organic seasonings and spices segment to the use of certain spices and herbs in medicinal fields is resulting in the increased demand for seasonings and spices and is expected to give a major boost to the growth of the global market in the near future with an increase of over 5% by 2020 alone.

Inefficient logistics and uncertain climatic conditions in the spices producing countries, are the major growth challenges for the industry.

CCT holds relations with well organized producers guarantying the constant and orderly supply of your order requirements.

Chilly powder
Rose flowers
Pepper long
Crushed chilli
Cassia obovata leaves
Curry leaf
Curry powder
Cassia obovata powder
Coriander powder
Wild basil seeds
Mustard seeds
Cumin powder
Annatto seeds
Celery seeds
Celery powder
Water melon seeds
Coriander seeds
Nutmeg powder
Psyllium seeds
Pepper long
Turmeric powder
Sena leaves/ pods

Available in a variety of different sizes and with customization options.