Being a  significant source of protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and dietary minerals no wonder the global pulses market is estimated at 70 million MT annually.

India is both the largest producer and consumer of the commodity, accounting for 25% of total output and 30% of total consumption.

Following India, Brazil, Myanmar and China are the leading cultivators of pulses, although pulses grow abundantly in certain parts of Africa.

CCT offer the best in quality and price trading all varieties of pulses including:

Pigeon peas (Toor), Split pigeon peas (Toor Dal).
Green mung beans, Split mung beans without husk (Mung Dal), Split mung beans with husk (Mung Chilka Dal), Mung sortex polished.
Desi chana (Yellow Gram), Split desi chana (Chana Dal), Desi chana kibble (Broken chana dal), Desi sortex chana.
Red lentils (Masoor), Split red lentils (Masoor Dal), Red lentils football (Masoor Gota).
Green Lentils, Split green lentils (Yellow Masoor Dal).
Black mapte (Urad), Split Black mapte without husk (Urad dal), Split Black mapte with husk (Urad whole).
Yellow peas, Green peas, Split Yellow peas (Muter dal), White Chick peas (Kabuli), Split White Chick peas.
Beans, Red Kidney beans, White Kidney beans, Black eyed beans, Black beans and their processed derivatives.

Available in a variety of different sizes and with customization options.

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